If you're high, why not get higher?

That's what they say here in Summit County, Colorado.

So; I'm adding photojournalism to my list of blogger activities...because people out there are wanting to SEE.. thirsting for what it REALLY LOOKS LIKE. This either means that I can't write well enough, or that our culture has gotten to the point that we cannot deal without visual images (the printed word not clear enough an image to fully satisfy today's reader).
There I go again, all that to say this:
I bought myself a handy little point-n-shoot (Nikon Coolpix) digital camera and shall be using it to more thoroughly document my musings.
I'm writing from the top bunk of my new-old-RV; that is, newly mine, lightly used 1973 Dodge Fourstar Sportsman {or woman}.
I'm an Escape Artist driving an Artful Dodger. If you are confused, maybe it would help if I tell you this, countless hours of solo-driving are liable to drive thoughts to their strangest. I've begun to seriously imagine my life as being in the middle of a book about to be written. Every person I come across-- a character study, every problem or mishap-- a lesson. I've named my vehicle the Artful Dodger for many reasons. If you care to ask me of these reasons, do, but otherwise I won't get into them all here, now.
I'm camping amid humongoid mountains whilst here on my MacBookPro at ele. 9407 Frisco, Colorado around the corner from the Natural Foods Store that I thankfully stumbled upon at dusk. Devoured the most hearty vegetarian sandwich I've ever eaten: $5.29 for at hot grilled vegetable <> pesto and provolone sandwich, a banana, and a pickle. 'Twas tasty as fuck after having only eaten pb&j and apples for the past two days. PB&J and apples are almost as good as it can get, don't get me wrong, but balance, variety, and moderation (as they put it in Treatment!) are key to a healthy life.
There's some locally made Kombucha in their refrigerator that will be mine in the morning when I roll out of my warm bunk and into their wonderful little grocery store. It's the first place I've really felt at home (in terms of food) since I left Austin and Whole Foods World Headquarters behind.

p.s. I have not showered since Saturday. This is Tuesday.
p.p.s. That's only REALLY 4ish days, you can start to call me a "transient-tree-hugging-pot-smoking bum-of-a-hippie" when we get to 7.
p.p.p.s. right now you can just call me "ripe".

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