I'm on the road to SOMEWHERE.
Well, not exactly.

I'm in Butler, Missouri. Stopped.
RV is already in need of service. Alternator to be changed this morning before I get back on the road to my Grandparents house in Kansas City. Yesterday the alternator failed to support my headlights as I drove through dusk trying to make it before the whole thing quit working on me. My cell phone was plugged into the AC inverter, but I soon realized that power was not being added to my phone, instead, the battery seemed to suck the power OUT of my phone.

I quickly dialed my Grandparents house to inform them what was happening and then I lost all power. I put reflectors on the road behind the disabled vehicle and then I crawled into the over-cab bed with 6 sleeping bags, shivering and cold--it began to snow. I figured I'd be there til morning.

A Missouri Highway Police Officer knocked on my back door not 15 minutes later. My grandparents told them I was somewhere on US-71N between Kansas City and Nevada, Missouri.

The Officer came into the RV and checked out the place, saw that I store my shoes in the refrigerator and looked at me like I was an alien.
He called for a tow truck and both it and I were towed to the next closest town, Butler. So here I am, day 3 on the road and things are looking grand.

Don't let my tone disguise the fact that I knew something like this would happen before the trip REALLY got underway... and I'm OK with it.

I now know what an alternator is.

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